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1966 coupe and 1970 sportsroof
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Does it do it when you nail the throttle up to 4500rpm out of gear at a standstill? If not, this could possibly verify 70sportsroof's comment. Try sitting in your garage and ripping it up to 6k or so and watch your oil pressure gauge. Try also holding it in the higher rpm's like you would on a straight - say 5k for 10 seconds and watch for fluctuations. If it NEVER does it, I would say it could be the pan issue. I'm suprised you don't see it in the turns, but then again, when your cornering on a track at high speed I never get chance to look down at my gauges either!

The stresses your car goes through on the track are immense, lots of wierd things start to happen that never did or would on the street! ;) We run the Canton 9qt Road Race pan with the trap door baffles in our track car for this very reason.

Still, glad you had a good day and made it home in one piece. Do I sense another hooked open tracker? ::
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