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Optima Batteries. Never again.

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Years ago...maybe like 20 years ago...I relocated the battery on my '65 to the trunk and bought an Optima Red Top and a nice billet mounting kit to latch it down.

Well...I was really happy. That first battery likely lasted 6 or 7 years. Then the next one lasted about the same. Since I've bought 3 more and each of them has lasted just long enough to get out of the 3 year replacement warranty.

If it wasn't for the billet hold down kit, I would have made the switch long ago. Yesterday I bought a store brand "Super Start" series 78 battery from O'Reilly Autoparts. I modified the hold down and made it work....though it doesn't look more work is still required.

Good riddance Optima. And GFYS Johnson Controls. You ruined a great battery.
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Out of curiosity, what are you using for a battery maintainer/trickle?
I've used various chargers and trickle chargers over the years. The one that was on it when it failed was this one:

I had it set to AGM mode and it showed fully charged....but it wouldn't start the car. My battery tester showed voltage was good but as soon as I hit the LOAD button it dropped to the "Weak" zone.'s gone and I'm done with Optima. So nice to be driving my mustang today not worrying if it will start without a jump! And I saved $50 vs the cost of a new Optima.

The thing that I think is the worst is they've obviously reengineered the battery to just clear the 3 year full replacement period so they can maximize income and all they've really managed to do is drive off what used to be a loyal customer base. In the mean time, in an age when we are trying to be a bit greener...they have created a need to produce more product than necessary by redesigning a good product to make it less than mediocre.

Rant off.
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I bought my dream car last fall. The battery in it has August 2008 marked off on the dates. I thought that was impressive!
It is/was impressive. And you can buy a battery that looks identical today....but in my experience it will only last 3 1/2 years. Sad.
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