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Originality? (Part 2)

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I found a sticker on the back of both my quarter and fender and on the quarter I also found a stamp. On the quarter it said on the sticker C5ZZ-6527846-B and on the stamp it said G01. On the fender on the sticker it said C5ZZ-16005-A I could not find a stamp on this one. If someone could please tell me if these in fact are original that would be great. And also I got the panels from John's Mustang for the quarter $549 and for the fender $489 that was for a 65 coupe which I think was the most exspenive to buy N.O.S. panels for in that book.

Thanks John
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Thanks for the location information. I'm going to call them.
I believe you are correct about the part number. Look to be genuine Ford stuff! The A and B reflect opposite sides of the car - so you should be looking at a quarterpanel for the passenger side (B I believe), and a fender for the Driver side (A).

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Sounds like you have two original NOS Ford panels.

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I could not suggest to you that these are Ford quarter panels (doubt if they are old enough to be NOS) with out seeing them. Reproducers also place tags on their parts listing Ford part numbers.

Are these plain white labels (approx 4-5" x 2") with slightly rounded corners. Older original quarters had no paper tags (except shipping tags if sent that way) though newer modern Ford replacements used paper tags

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