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OT - Cigars for everyone.

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Smoke 'em if ya got 'em. That sound you just heard was Project More Power coming to a screaching halt. We had our third child (yet another boy) Tuesday morning. 8 pounds 1 ounce which isn't a national record but is a new personal best. Mother and baby doing fine. Daddy is still a little rough around the edges.

One day old and already a Ford Fan. Obviously a superior child.


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Congrats! definitely a worthy reason to put the project on hold.. wait at least a month before you have him degreasing engines...

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========>(long smooth draw on the cigar)
Congrats! On the new addition.

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Good job!!

Keep the Ford fire burning!!

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WOW! To cool. We are expecting in Aug. Where did you get
that hat? Congtratulations-it's Miller time!!!
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Congrats on the new Baby, Teach him how to restore these cars and send him my way so he can fix my wires under my dash, I can't get my big ass under there too easy. He is just the right size.

he needs a New born size VMF shirt to go with the hat!!!!!

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Congratulations to all!!!!

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Phil, CONGRATS!!!!!!!! Glad everything went well!!!

"Hey Dad can I borrow your car?" LOL!!!!!

Great News!All the best to you & the family

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Regards From the Great South Land.
Congrats!!! Love the hat ;)
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congrats thats a great picture glad to hear alls well !

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Congrats. Love him lots and give him an abundance of hugs. He will repay you when he is grown.

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Cough cough hack hack, these bubble gum cigars REALLY smoke... Cough cough!! Congratulations! Sent my wife a picture of the Baby in that cap.... Oh crap, I forgot to tell her not to get any funny ideas!...

Tom Kubler, Long-time Mustang Enthusiast & San Antonio Mustang Club Founder
Good job! Better get started on his first car, these projects can take a while....


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Didn't have cigar, but I hope a few Cognacs will do. Congratulations.

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Congrats, another reason to buy a stang in 16 yrs
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Congratulations, I bet you're feeling mighty proud!!

Start looking for a new project car already!?


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Congrats! His arms are just the right size to work under the dash, but don't let him teethe on the wiring harness.


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Congrats! By the way that is one cool hat.

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