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OT....Database gurus please read....

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Just wondering if there are any good resources for learning how to access a database from a browser through a middleman and finally to the database...I have to make the database, write out the queries, and write code that will allow a user to access the database through a server (A 3 tier system, where the browser is the frontend, a server or PC is the middleman, and the DB is the backend.). I can make the database and the queries, I just need to know if there are any good references or resources so that my group can write the other code....

Thanks for any help....

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Do a web search for CGI programming and start reading up on it. The only way to get info from the browser to the back end is with a CGI program.

You submit the data with a HTML form and the CGI program breaks up the form data and does whatever you want from there. In your case you'd have to format the data into a database query and then query the database. You will need additional CGI programming to take the retrieved data and format it as a web page and send it back to the browser.

Note that CGI isn't a programming language in itself. The CGI scripts can be written in a variety of languages. I've done them in C and PERL.

Most of the hard stuff has already been done, like breaking up the form data into variables so do a web search before you write anything.

If you want to cheat a bit, the VMF software has to do this for searching, etc. The script in the VMF software is called if you want an example although it's written in PERL. WWWThreads allows downloads of their software for evaluation purposes. I suppose looking isn't a crime unless you copy it and claim it as your own.

Good Luck!
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Boy, I'm not sure what you're doing, as I haven't caught any past posts that would sum it up, but if you know Microsoft Access (2000)... there's a feature that will setup up an html interface automatically for you.

It makes html forms for you to access your data, but the forms cannot contain subforms, which makes for a flat data structure.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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