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OT Who said Java was fun?

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Heh... We have prolly had maybe at most a weeks coverage over Java, and my teach is like... " Write a calculator in Java "

Talk about blown away by somethin!!!
I have no clue where to start LoL I know its basically c/c++ but to me this is somethin extremely different
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There are Chevies and Pontiacs and assorted other cars, and and then there are Mustangs.

Who said Java was fun?

Certainly not a regular user of a Java program of any substance. It is slow and the UI tools are half-baked. Maybe in some other life, Java tools will be ready for prime, but not yet.

If you want cross-platform flexibillity and the convenience of a windowing environment already done (the browser) then use Java.

But if performance is what you're after, C++ is still king of the road.

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I dont know java, or if this will fit the requirements of your project, but if i wanted to get a quick and easy calculator done, i would make the user go through a couple of choices... ie, as them if they want to add, subtract, etc, than ask how many numbers... just call differnt functions based on what they want to do, and use recurison, or a loop, to have it calculate out all the numbers.

good luck /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
- Jason
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