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Ouch my head hurts "Doofus"

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Well I was doing my weekly check on my mustang today since I had the day off. Open up the master cylinder was really low for the back brakes. So I go and check the wheel cylinders. They we not leaking, so I checked the union on the axle and I was leaking from the line.

So called a few mustang places and they we out of the line for my year. So I decided to bend my own. After about 1/2 hour, I was able to get it pretty close. So I went under to mount it on. While I was under the car I moved my head and I hit the rear shock plate with my head. I hit it pretty hard, didn't think much of it.

Long story short after I got done from under the car, the girl I am dating comes up to see me and she see me bleeding. She was freaking out. I was just laughing, anyways it was small cut that bled a whole lot. It finally stopped about 20 minutes after I realized I was bleeding.

It was so funny cuz I was covered in gease and had my cover alls on holding ice to my forehead. What a moment!!!!
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"Chicks dig scars" LOL :) Glad your not hurt!!!
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