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I think I have mentioned this before but I wanted to recap this journey under one thread.

So, back in 1981 when my wife was in her senior year of high school she bought a 1968 J-Code Mustang. It was pretty bone stock but very option loaded, A/C, Center console, disc brakes, tilt-a-way steering, etc. She drove it for the next few years until we got out of college and got married. At that point her job required a longer commute so we bought her a new car and I used the Mustang to drive to work.

In 1995 I got a job offer back in Michigan. We discussed what to do with the Mustang and decided to try and sell it. My brother in law got wind of this plan and told us he would store the car for us in the Tri-Cities if we did not want to take it to Michigan right away.

We only expected to stay in Michigan for a couple years so we agreed and transported the car over to the Tri-Cities.

Well, 2 years became 12 years and during this time my Brother in Law and his family started going through some really rough financial issues and we told him to sell the car, take the cash to hold you guys for a little while. That is where my Father in Law stepped in and "bought" the car and moved it to his house.

So the car sat in his driveway until we moved back to Washington 4 years ago. I still didn't think too much about it until we visited his house 2 years ago and started looking at the car. We talked to my FIL and worked out a plan to get the car back up and running. My mother-in-law really liked this idea as it would get us over to her house more often.
We have done a little work on the car over the last two years but being 240 miles away it was not as much as I would have liked.

Fast forward to about 5 months ago. My mother-in-law announced she was putting her house up for sale. This is the house that my wife grew up in and they have owned for 50 years. They were having a house built that would not have room for the Mustang.

So the arrangements are all set for us to pick up the car this weekend and bring it back to Seattle and my garage.

So if you are driving between Tri-Cities and Seattle this weekend and see a Uhaul truck and trailer pulling a red 68 coupe without fenders or a hood honk and give us thumbs up as you go by.

Here is a picture of the car after the 12 years of storage.

I'll also post some of the move.


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And your next trick will be to actually start working on it :p

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