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ow, my ear is bleeding (not mustang related)

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(you may find this story repulsive-proceed with caution)

okay, well i have been traveling alot since last week(seattle, san diego, north carolina), and managed to pick up a pretty bad head cold(you know, the coughing aching, stuffy head fever, thing). okay, so while the plane was landing in san fran last night and the pressure was building up in my ears, my extreme stuffiness prevented me from being able to "pop" my ears. i was yawning, chewing, luck. It finally reached extreme pain, especially on the left side, such that my entire head felt as though it was going to explode.
so i get off the plane and am walking around unable to hear when i feel something warm running down my neck...yes, my ear was bleeding. i rushed to a doctor who gave me painkillers and said to come back in the morning. well, my ear bled all night long and today the Dr tells me that it is actually quite common to rupture an eardrum in this manner and that it will have to heal on its own which may take a few weeks?!?
so, for the time being, i have lost hearing in one ear which is a very sobering experience, especially since i am a musician. i find myself shouting to hear my own voice.

sorry, this isnt mustang related, but i need some group consolation here.
thanks for listening
mike o

PS-please type all replies very loudly so i can hear you with my good ear
...huh, what was that?

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Wow that sucks, I hate that feeling when the plane lands and I can imagine a poped ear drum would make thing worse..

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Mike that sucks! I can totaly identify with that. When I was on the road I lost about half the hearing in both ears from loud amps in my face. I've regained about half that back but I'm afraid the rest isn't coming back. I hope you get that ear back to normal.

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Wow, that really sux. im sorry to hear that. what do u play?

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Sorry to hear that, I'm not a musician, but I love music so much, that loosing hearing would be one of my worst fears. Thank god it is only temporary....


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Wow! I've been in similar situations, but didn't get to rupture stage. I found the best solution is to sit on a bed, put my head between my knees so that the head is upside down, and drain the ears.

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Sorry, and good luck!! Hope all works out for you!!

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Is that some kind of sick joke? *G*

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Wow, that sucks. Hope you get to feeling better. I hate it that feeling, but I have never had that happen....ouch!

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Wow, I hope that heals fast! The closest I've ever come to something like that was when I was in the Navy and my ship was doing gunnery exercises. I was out on deck without ear protection when the 5" main battery fired. I actually checked my ears to see if they were bleeding. That was bad enough; can't imagine actually going through it.

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