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I have had some catching up to do, as in 108 pages of posts to read, and I am finished. 14 hours to the minute from when I first connected to the internet. and I ran across some interesting stuffs...
and there is something I would like to clarify, although Midlife has already done a good job of it, I would just like to add... on 2/28/02 posted by ozob...
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02/28/02 01:49 AM
Is there a kit to do this? I have been lurking for a while on this forum and there seems to be lots of people that really know mustangs here. I have a '67 GTA that I just bought and want to modify it. I saw this picture and wondered if there was a kit to do this to my car.
Thanks for the help.

now, as you may know that car shown in that picture does not really exsist, nor did I ever have any plans to do such a thing to mustang in real life. Yes, I am guilty of putting putty into mustangs... but the one that became the infamous frankenbeast was bound for the car crusher had I not saved it... yes I welded pieces of metal from a Ford Maverick on it to save the unibody, but no it did not show, nor would anyone be able to tell, as I do a good job of making sure I grind down my welds and smooth them over... the car was a rust bucket, it deserved new metal, but, with my budget at the time new metal was not possible... my putty is straight... In fact, I hand formed the rear left side of a 1970 Corvette with fiberglass putty last week, and no one would ever know that it is there, unless they rear ended the car again... I don't purposely deform mustangs. I am sick, I'll admit it, but I have calmed down a bit... reality check hit me when a bunch of kids rolled up in a 88 Taurus convertible... yeah, no joke... they were acting like they were the smartest people alive... must not have been smart enough to remove the plastic pillar covers from the interior before hacking at the top witha torch. Seeing things like that makes you think how and why engineers never did any of those things on a production basis... it is stupid... really stupid, and those kids weren't cool... An old board member used to go round and round with me about stupid things liek that... Stan I believe was his handle... I almost see his logic, but at the same time, I am not in a rocking chair yet, so I am still gonna pee on his door knob someday when he isn't looking. but I just wanted to let people knwo that photoshopping pictures like that is my way of releiving stress from fixing cars all day long. if you had the job of working on cars 40-50 hours a week, you'd see that much less attention would be given to the old pony in the garage, and much more attention would be given to finding a way to hold beer, potato chips and cookies in one hand and the remote in the other. :) I am a die hard car freak, tis true you can't pull me away, but even I need some R&R sometimes(no, I don't mean remove and replace, either) having said that, I am working on my new spectacle of amazement. a photoshopped Midlife holding a budwieser girl in one arm, and a surf board in the other. Damn good thing the man always wears hawaiian shirts. :)
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