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Paint Questions

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New to this forum, great website!! Looking for help on primer and paint on a 65 coupe. Ive been told that dearborn cars are acceptable if the undercarrage is chassis black, with body color overspray. Is this correct? What about the interior of the car? Body color or primer? Does anyone have a PPG code for the correct satin black?
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I am using PPG products on my 65 convert resto. I have been told they have a GM satin black paint but I do not know what it is. I use their DX685 flattening agent but I am not pleased with it as it is a nuisance to mix/use. I am also looking for a good engine compartment/chassis satin black. Have you looked at the satin black chassis paint advertised by Bill Hirsch? Hirsch
Check out the paint-related FAQ topics. Don't recall off top of my head if your specific questions are addressed, but there should be links to past VMF discussions.


The FAQs, nothing but the FAQs:

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Hey, I've never used it, but POR15(, has a complete engine painting kit for $40 US. They also have a lot of other neat stuff. They do have the chassis coat black, and many others. Good luck. Oh yeah, welcome to the forum!
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Check out zero rust. It is an isocyante free paint and when mixed with laquer thinner it sprays easily and dries to a satin black. It can be sprayed over almost anything and will accept all topcoats. Check out their website
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