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paint questions

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My car is currently in pieces. Completely gutted, awaiting sandblasting and body work. I plan to do all the body work, derust/paint the driveline, etc. and then put the motor back in. I want to get the car running and driveable before I finish the exterior paint. This may not seem like the best way to do things, but I need this car to be mobile as soon as possible.

My question is this:

What should I paint on the body while I'm finishing up the mechanical, cleaning driveline/suspension, and all the other not so fun parts of a restoration? Is there some kind of primer or coating I could paint on that would keep rust out but still be easy to remove when it's time to do the final painting?

Also, what's a good paint for undercarriage, driveline, and engine compartment. It doesn't need to look original, just be really tough stuff.


matt k.
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I would suggest using the primer that is recommended with the finish paint you are going to use. I have always used Eastwood's chassis black on my undercarriges. It is a very easy to use, covers well and leaves a scratch resistant surface.
You could also use something like Eastwood's Oxisolve. It's a rust remover but also leaves a zinc phosphate coating to help prevent rust for a while. There are other products that do basically the same thing. If you're not ready to prime/paint, this is a good option. I will probably go this route. Hope it helps.
Epoxy primer should be put over bare steel. It will protect and with some sanding later, can be top coated or primed again. I use it everywhere are all cars restorations and daily drivers. Go to a good web site
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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