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Paint ?

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It's been two weeks since I had the paint touched up on my 67 coupe and the painter asked me to bring it back in after several weeks so he can buff it out. I had a lot of bad spots to repaint which he repaired for about $275 which I thought was more than fair. My question is though it appears as though there are several real dull spots that may be over spray and I was wondering if this is a clear coat will he be able to blend this in or buff it out? I don't know dick sickum about paint. Thanks.

1967 Coupe
Auto w/C4
302 w/Edelbrock 1406 carb and intake
Factory air
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the dull spots sound like overspray, a less they were there before you had the paint work done, then they are paint damage. sounds like you have acrylic enamal, that would have to dry for sometime before it could be buffed, if you had base/clear (acrylic urethane) the shop should have been able to buff it the next day.
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