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Painted a guy's 65 Coupe today. I thought I really liked the bright red (in the can). But after getting the paint on the car, I didn't like it as much. Tried my best to get the guy to swap me his 4 speed & everything for my C4. I was gonna do both swaps. And throw in a console, but he would budge. Some people :)

66 Coupe, 302, Auto, 3.25 gears. Candyapple Red with White Pearl Stripes. Cragars.

I'm still trying to work up enough money to get you to paint my convertible for me. The only thing is, I'm not exactly sure how I'd strip all the parts off (door handles, mirrors, etc) and get it down to you in South Carolina without towing it.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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