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I found this on another site and thought maybe it could be of beneficial use to VMF members.

Painting 101

Step 1 - tools
HVLP paint gun
good size air compressor
2 In-line Filters
3M Paint Prep System Large Lids & Liners (optional)
Paint thiner for Clean up
Respirator Mask
Cups for mixing paint
Paint Stand
Paint Strainers
(most of these tools you can get from

HVLP Paint gun -
Most kits that you buy come with 2 Guns that have Two different size tips.One gun may have a 1.3mm Tip and the other gun is lager 1.8mm Tip

1.3mm Tip is for Base color and Clears
1.8mm Tip is for primers or paints that are thicker

When buying a HVLP paint gun make sure you find a good kit that comes with a air regulator

Heres a link to a good kit.

Air Compressor -
you don't have to have the Best one in the world.(But a good one is a great investment) I just have a cheap 15gallon 150PSI one from sears.

You want something that well keep a good flowrate of 30-40 PSI
heres a link to what I have. 644000&vertical=TOOL&subcat=Air+Compressors+%26+In flators&BV_UseBVCookie=Yes

2 In-line Filters -
First let me start off saying that you should always have a in-line filter on your air compressor.

your going to need one thats right at the start of the compressor

And your going to need a disposable In Line Air Filter at the gun

3M Paint Prep System Large Lids & Liners -
This is just optional. But it comes in handy when trying to paint things at weird angles

Paint Thiner -
good automotive paint thiner. (your local automotive paint supply store should have it.)

Respirator Mask -
Not needed but id dam sure use one lol.
3m makes a good cheap one you can find at most paint places.

Gloves -
Also not needed but id use them.

Cups for mixing paint -
You can buy nice one from eastwood that have Lines on them to help you mix the paint.
But your going to need cups that eather Glass or really Thick plastic.

Paint stand -
The pic kind of speaks for its self. (also eastwood sells them)

Paint Strainers -
This helps filter the paint before you put the paint in the gun.
(eastwood also sells them and autopaint stores have cheap paper ones that you can pic up for next to nothing )

Alot of the Stuff I talked about can all be found in this great kit from eastwood.
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