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Have any of you ever used one of those paint stick things to paint the white letters of your tires?
I have a set of BFG TA radials that have the brown disease. I am sick and tired of dealing with that.

I have tried everything under the sun - Comet, SOS pads, Brillo, Magic Eraser, Bleach-White, sanding, you name it.
Love the tires, hate the brown letters.

Why are the simplest things impossible in our technologically advanced world of the 21st century? I don’t remember these issues in the pre-historic 1980s.
Most of us carry a device in our pocket hundreds of times more intelligent than the computers that sent men to the moon yet we can no longer produce a mechanical fuel pump that lasts over 6 months or tire letters that stay white.🤬
Thank you American captains of industry for moving production of everything to the Chi-Coms. Real Men of Genius.

Let me hear your tire pen stories….
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