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Parking brake handle fix...

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Just wanted to pass along a little tip to those who might be similarly annoyed at this problem.

I had noticed during the dismantle process how the broken parking brake handle also hung downward a bit and was not level with the bottom edge of the dash. I had thought this looked a little strange at the time and made a mental note of looking at this closer when I arrived at the restoration phase of the various sub-assemblies.

Seems like the cause of this "droop" is the external dimension of the little roll pin is quite a bit smaller than the slotted gap in the PB housing. So, I "McGuivered" a little bit of a fix by taking a small metal sleeve (found just the right size at the local hardware store...) and slipped it over the roll pin. Next, I tapped into the center of the roll pin with a #6-32 tap and finally placed a flat washer together with the little bolt to hold everything together.

Works like a champ! Now, when I return the PBH to its position it slides and rests at a perfect horizontal.

Just a little detail but something I am likely to notice and recall most times when I open the car door.
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Good show! That's the kind of fix I like to hear about. I'd likely do something similar about that as stuff like that bugs me also.
Worthy of a "bookmark" on my computer. McGuiver would be proud of you.
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