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Any help will be appreciated. If a guy has a part #, how can you look it up? I've seen web sites that explain what all the letters and numbers mean but is there a web site where you can enter the number and it tells you exactly what it goes on? Thanks, Glenn

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I worked at a Ford dealer in the parts dept
and understand the part numbering system. It
is a very simple system once you get to know
how the system works. A part number such as
C5ZZ-8200-A would be a grill for a 65 Mustang.
C5DZ-8200-A would be a grill for a 65 Falcon.
C5AZ-8200-A would be a grill for a 65 Galaxie.
As you can see all grills have a 8200 basic
number. The prefix (C5ZZ) determines the
year and model car the part is for. The last
part of the number (A) would stand for a revision
or RH/LH etc.
If you have a specific question let me know I
would be glad to help!
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