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Holley Strip Dominator, perfect shape, no porting: $425 obo

Closed chamber heads: SS valves, 3 angle valve job, bronze guide liners, mild port and polish, chambers pinned (old oval track trick), hardened exhaust seats, spring seats cut for larger dual springs, has single springs with dampers & spring buckets good to .620 lift, current pressure 120 lbs seat 330 lbs open, 7 degree machined locks and chrome moly retainers, Manley screw in studs and guideplates, shaved to 61cc's, about 20 1/4 mile passes on them, very nice heads, ready to go $750 obo

Moroso chrome valve covers: $50 obo

Cam Research solid flat tappet cam & lifters: 250 int/260 exh dur @ .050" lift, .585/.610 lift, 108 lobe centers, very good cam, ran hard in my cleveland. Will mark lifters. $150 obo

Crane Hardened 5/16" pushrods, stock length: $50 obo

Milodon Roller timing chain, installed new with the heads, 20 1/4 mile passes. $50 obo

Moroso front sump 9 qt pan with pickup, painted black: good shape, not beat up: $175 obo

Short block. Balanced, TRW forged flat top pistons, stock shotpeened and resized rods with ARP bolts, moly rings, stock crank turned 10/10, block bored .030 over, decked and align honed, ARP head and main studs (except at the windage tray) and MPG windage tray. Has less than 2000 miles on it. $1200 obo.

Let me know if anything interests you, perhaps we can work a deal. I had the whole engine for sale at first, but guys who emailed about it kept me hanging all the time. So now l'll part the damn thing out. Or sell whole, I don't care, I just want to sell!!!

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