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Time to try something new. This post will be for parts that you are looking to sell locally, or for parts that you are looking to purchase. We all have extra stuff laying around and there maybe someone close by that could use it.

Please send me a PM or e-mail ([email protected]) with a description of the item (year specific?), the price and how someone should contact you. Once you are no longer selling or looking for an item, let me know and I will remove it from the list. You won't be able to reply to the post or make changes yourself. Hopefully this format will keep the list managable. Let's see how it goes...

Please remember the VMF if you are able to sell your items. A donation to Bob or Zim would be greatly appreciated. :highfive:

Free Stuff:
Nothing currently available.

For Sale:
Complete 302 - pan to carb. Turns by hand freely. Everything is there (stock). $300. [email protected]
302 block - .30 over with mild cam. Heads are done and have hardened valve seats. Needs intake and up. $800. [email protected]
65-66 NOS Front Valance $250 or possible trade for 67 parts. bluestang67
15" Rims. Set of 5 brand new in box - 15x8 Edelbrock "454" chrome (Eleonor style). $1,000 OBO [email protected]
Patriot Tri-Y headers for 289 - 302. New in box $130.00 [email protected]
Early 65 dash wiring harness (for two speed heater) $375.00 [email protected]
2 - 289 V8 complete engines. One is date coded 1965 and the other is early 1968. Both were running engines when removed earlier this year.
The 1965 is stock, but has edlebrock 4bbl manifold.
The 1968 has a mild cam, edlebrock manifold and mallory unilite ignition.
Best offer for either or both. Must come and pick them up. Both are on engine stands which they could take as long as I get them back. Jack([email protected])
67-68 Maier Racing fiberglass lower front gravel shield with molded spoiler (new) $250.00 [email protected]
65-66 New older fiberglass R-model lower front racing apron $225.00 [email protected]
67-68 Coupe/convertible fiberglass Tony Branda Shelby trunk lid with end caps (new) $375.00 [email protected]
67 8" posi rear end drum to drum with 3.00 gears and war case $400.00 [email protected]
4 Speed toploader trans (5 to choose from) $425.00 [email protected]
67-68 Fastback fold down interior parts. e-mail with needs [email protected]
67-68-69 lower floor consoles (complete) [email protected]
4 Brand new American Racing billit aluminum torque thrust rims (still in boxes) - 15 x 7" with 5mm offset $800.00 [email protected]
C6 for small block - needs torque conv. (fits 289/302/351C/351W) $600.00 [email protected]
66 Rearview Mirror $5.00 [email protected]
66 Ashtray (black) $2.50 [email protected]
66 Trunk lid latch $5.00 [email protected]
66 Front speaker grille (black) $5.00 [email protected]
66 Interior windshield molding $15.00 [email protected]
66 Four blade fan/spacer for 289 $20.00 [email protected]
66 Front window regulators (left & right) $20.00 [email protected]
66 Air cleaner & snorkel for 289 $25.00 [email protected]
67-68 Turn signal hood / dent in front middle $50 [email protected]
67-68 Fender ext. left and right / both have minor cracks $25 / each [email protected]
67 Right fender / rust in back corner / patch included $40 [email protected]
67 Left fender / rust behind headlight / media blasted in primer $50 [email protected]
65-68 Right inner frame rail (convertible) / new from NPD $35 [email protected]
73 convertible center console with clock $100 [email protected]
68 original C-4 transmission cross member (sandblasted and repainted) $15 [email protected]
68 Original brake pedal - for automatic $10 [email protected]
68 original cowl to shock tower braces $5 [email protected]
68 original small block radiator side plates $10/pair [email protected]
Traction bars (slapper) fresh black paint $20 [email protected]
66 C-4 Auto Trans complete but needs rebuild $50 Matt at [email protected]
65-66 3 Row Radiator for Manual Trans $75 [email protected]
Set of 4 - P205/70R14 Steel Belted Radials $40 [email protected]
Set of 4 - P195/75R14 Steel Belted Radials $40 [email protected]
71-73 two seat back panel white painted black $10 [email protected]
71-73 Std Tail Panel Trim - Black $10 [email protected]
71-73 Pwr Steering Pump - No Can $20 [email protected]
71-73 Underdash Wire Harness W/Air Not Gauges $50 [email protected]
73 Slot Rim Center Caps - Used W/New Centers $100 [email protected]
71-73 A/C Vacuum Diaphragms - 2 $10 [email protected]
68-72 New Window Crank Knobs - Black $10 [email protected]
71-73 New Fuel Sending Unit $20 [email protected]
67-73 Polyurethane Rag Joint $20 [email protected]

66 Center Console (prefer auto) [email protected]
64 1/2 14"x6" 5 lug stamped steel wheels - need 1 or 2 [email protected]
66 LH and RH (OE) fenders [email protected]
66 Front and Rear valance (OE) [email protected]
67 - 68 Front seats (Steve) [email protected]
69 Fuel gauge for tach dash (standard interior) [email protected]
65-66 Export Brace [email protected]
65-66 Monte Carlo Bar [email protected]
1st Gear for a Dagenham tranny or compatible 3 or 4 speed for a 66 I-6 coupe [email protected]
67 bucket seats (set) in any color [email protected]
4 Speed shifter knob from 72-73 Mustnag, Torino or Cougar [email protected]
67 Deluxe dash and interior parts [email protected]
67-68 rust free doors [email protected]
67 Shelby fiberglass (original or repro) [email protected]
289 Hi-Po engine parts [email protected]
65-66 Rear bumper [email protected]
68 coupe driver's door [email protected]
68 turn signal hood [email protected]
67 ribbed OEM optional tail light panel - coupe [email protected]
for 65 Fastback - Granada Spindles 75-80 (large Bearing) [email protected]
for 65 Fastback - 12" rotors, hubs, Kelsey Hayes 4 piston(Lincoln) calipers [email protected]
for 65 Fastback - 9" Ford big bearing housing(51-1/4" custom or 52-1/4" OEM) [email protected]
for 65 Fastback - Front Apron, fiberglass (Shelby Style) [email protected]
for 65 Fastback - Fenders, front(steel/fiberglass) [email protected]
for 65 Fastback - hood, fiberglass [email protected]
for 65 Fastback - fender flares, fiberglass(front/rear) [email protected]
for 65 Fastback - door, shell(left/right-fiberglass/steel) [email protected]
for 65 Fastback - trunk lid, fiberglass [email protected]
for 65 Fastback - outer wheel house(left/right) [email protected]
for 65 Fastback - Lexan windshield [email protected]
for 65 Fastback - Lexan rear window (Shelby style) [email protected]
for 65 Fastback - toploader Trans [email protected]
69 left fender Dana [email protected]
65/66 Pass side 1/4 panel REYGT350S
67 Fastback pass side 1/4 panel (lower rust ok) REYGT350S
"Used up / worn out" late 80s Crown Victoria [email protected]
65-66 V-8 Exhaust Manifolds [email protected]
Non HI-PO parts for 5.0 into 65-66 [email protected]
Hot Air Return Tube From Manifold To Air Cleaner Snorkle / 351 - GDYUP66
Two 4 bolt Ford rims - Mark (708) 352-7366
Single barrel carb - Mark (708) 352-7366

Please feel free to offer any feedback on this idea via PM as well.
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