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Parts storage.

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Bought a parts car with lots of good chrome and sheet metal. Probably be the better part of a year before the parts get installed.
Anybody have any storage hints to limit deteroriation as much as possible.
I live in South Louisiana, so humidity is a real problem. Also only have a very leaky barn for storage.
Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
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I live in Biloxi, so I know of the humidity problem you speak of. Living across the street from the beach , I also have to fight salt-air. My storage room is not air tight, so I had to find a solution also. I picked up a few of the large plastic storage containers with lids from Wal-Mart. I was able to put most of my parts (with the exception of large body parts) in these. They also stack up nicely. They come with small vent holes under the molded handles. I just taped over these to seal them. Large engine parts, I oil and double bag with black plastic bags. As for large body parts; I make sure they are stored off the ground, paint them with a rust prohibitve paint, and check them occassionally for surface rust. It's not easy living with the fishes.
You can always buy one of these car bubbles to stick the whole car in until your ready to use.

They are suppose to cost less than $2.00 a month to run, and is a controled atmosphere environment.

Here's the link
Use some mothballs to keep down the vermin homesteading. I used a garden type sprayer and sprayed light weight motor oil everywhere (don't tell the epa, this was years ago). Made for a dirty messy looking dust collector but years later a carwash sprayer made the thing look the same as the day i parked that 49 ford panel truck.
Warm vasoline with hot water to thin, apply thin coating onto all chrome, bag tires, and tailpipe tips with plastic trash bags. If access is "convenient" clean the backside of the chrom parts well and spray with clear urathane. No rust problems for many years.
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