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Pass the doofus award

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I'm such a dork! I made my hotel reservations for Hot August Nights and got a heck of a good deal at the Holiday Inn in dowtown Reno ... ~$50/night.

MYTOYS was amazed at the rate I got, and SacBill was trying to get the same rate and couldn't. I started walking Bill through how I'd made the reservations on line, and as I get to the date, I said July 9 ... NOT August 9!

So I got a really great deal on a hotel on a Tuesday night when absolutely nothing is happening. And the best part is ... the reservations, according to the website, cannot be canceled!

Where's that doofus award?
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You win. /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif
Good one John, that's definitely an award winner, but ... do you have room left on your mantle for any more doofus awards?

Sooo ... what to do with a hotel room in Reno? Hmmm ... I know, you can sublease it out on an hourly basis to hookers!
Defendant: "Yes your honor, that's the only reason I had the hotel reservation!"
Judge: "And your former wife is absolutely wrong about the evil plans on that date?"
Defendant: "Yes your honor, I love my wife and would never turn to another woman!"
Judge: "So how do you explain the sheep, the video camera and the rubber boots?"

Defendant: "Well your honor, I was going to look at this Mustang so I took my boots and video camera...the sheep? Well, I confess! She looked at me in just that way........."

Judge: "Guilty!"

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday!!!!!!
Come on down to RENO where absolutely nothing is happening.
That is great!

We need a little humor today!!
Well, look at this way! The competition will be slim.... hehe!
I have gone to Virginia City Hill Climb events in Virginia City before. It is about 20 minutes drive to Reno, but you might have a better chance of getting a hotel room in Virginia City or Carson with a lot better rates. But you will have to account for the 1/2 hour or 45 minutes drive to your hotel rooms every night that you are there.

When I went to Virginia Ciry Hill Climb, I stayed in Holiday Inn in Carson wich was about 15 minutes drive to Virginia city. Cleaner and newer hotel and cheaper than Virginia City hotels.

Give that a try.
Just think of all the heads you'll turn being the only classic car in Reno on July 9th! LOL
Dork? At least you get to get away for a few days. haha Enjoy yourself. haha

ROTFLMAO. You guys are killing me!!!
that's a good one John./forums/images/icons/laugh.gif/forums/images/icons/laugh.gif

Talk to the hotel nice they might cancel it for ya.
Unfortunately, since Mustang Ranch is closed, there really is nothing for a Mustang enthusiast to do in Reno a week before HAN.
can one up this - went to Fibre Optics Symposium to calif once. my secretarysaid it was in "OLD" capital of CA and i missed the OLD. landing on Sun PM headed for Sacramento and when ilooked for my motel no such thing. checked itinerary and found motel wa in Monteray - holy hell. was nice drive though.
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