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Sign me up for a 12 step program, because I addicted to futzing with things.

My car was running great, but with the T5, my lifters were tending to float. I decided to upgrade from 95# to 110# valve springs recommeded by Edelbrock for my cam. This required screw in studs. I installed them with the heads in the car.(Pedistal machining not required for my studs) BIG mistake. The heads are fine and I was very careful about shavings. The car was not running right afterwards and I heard some knocking so I pulled the pan. Some scoring of bearings but not enough to cause a knock. I replaced them all. I tried readjusting valves, but still did not run right. Sounded like a burnt valve or two (Mind you this is a fresh engine, 5K miles) I thought I might have gotten some gasket material down in an intake runner when I replaced the intake, so I decided to yank the intake and heads to check everything out. Valves and heads look fine. I start pulling lifters out to clean them out in case they had some trash or filings in them causing them to stick. On the fourth one I found it whipped out. Dooh. At least I found the problem.

Actually I think that was just the symptom. The problem is me looking for just a little more performance. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
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