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I was thinking about buying 2 spaces this year, corner and the one beside it, so I can pull in my truck, but still have the "fronts" of 2 spaces to try and sell my extra junk. I am planning on being out there Friday and Saturday. If anyone else is intersted, maybe we could set up something like at Decateur, where we put all our parts on a couple of spaces, everybody marks their own stuff, etc.

Any ideas on making it work? I am not planning on being at my spaces all the time, as I have a couple projects I need parts for, and have fun just walking around. If there is enough interest, maybe buy more than 2 spaces? Sublot out the spaces, ie, space is $30, if you need 1/4 of it, then it is $7.50?

Anyway, if I get the spaces, I will at least post them, so if you pick up something, and just need to rest it for a while, or have a place to stash a cooler, etc, you are welcome to use my spaces. I normally bring along some chairs, etc. I keep the bed of the truck open for stuff to be "staged" pending it heading out, or if need be, lock it up inside the truck.

None of the parts I plan to bring are expensive, and have even left stuff with prices and a sign for people just to put the money through the window of the truck (leave it down an inch or so). If someone is desparate enough to steal a $5 set of rocker moldings, oh well.

LMK if anybody is interested.
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