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PAW 351 Stroker ? Your .02...

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I'm looking over an older article in M&F about Performance Auto. Warehouses's 351 stroker motor (to 427). It's a longblock kit that I'd consider dropping into the Boss clone. Seems much cheaper than a Ford crate motor but anyone have an opinion (or ten) on PAW's engine kits?

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Well, just remember that anytime you stroke a motor, there's more stress, and it won't last as long. If money's no object, then go for it. If your looking for a reliable street engine, then I'd say no!! PAW is a good company in my opinion.

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Are they still in business? Do they have a website?

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I have heard good things about PAW. Hotrod magazine has used their engine combinations in several articles I can remember. (I got my heads from them, but they were the Edelbrock 2.02's.) Do you not want to use a big block? How much more expensive is that that a stroked motor? Through them I mean. If it's for a street car you'd probably be ok with it, because driving around town cruising is a low-mid rpm thing usually, and that's where a stroker motor rocks, the bottom end.

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The quality in my opinion is not the best from PAW. The Ford crate engine (392 cu. in. stroker) is a better built engine. It will also later longer because the stroke isn't to radical. I wouldn't go higher then a 392 stroker for the street. It still keeps a good rod to stroke ratio. The 427 is a little more track orientated. This is what I have read. I have read quit a bit on these stroker engines because I wanted to put a 427 stroker in my 67 but like I said the 392 is a much better investment and it will last longer.

I asked the same question 3 months ago over the same kit. I included the fact that they bore out the block I think it was 60 over and almost everyone who replied said the same thing...that this was not the way to go. Thats too much or dangerous combo. One guy said he couldnt keep blocks from cracking. I would have love to say to anyone that I had 427 cubic inches under the hood, but thats not going to happen unless I can get a deal on a real 427 FE motor.
The only way to be safe with boring a block that much is to use an SVO block. You can bore it .60 over and still have enough meat on the cylinder walls.
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