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Paxton Charger owners

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I installed the supercharger on my 289 and it came with a conical K&N filter. The filter fits onto a short 90 degree hose. My question is: is anyone else having a clearance issue with the 90 degree hose squeezed between the charger and valve cover? I did shim out the bracket about 3/4 in. and it still mashes. Anyone try something to fix the problem?
Thanks for any ideas,

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The air filter that originally came with the cars was a cannister mounted on the core support. A flexible, wire reinforced hose connected it to the back of the supercharger making a 180 degree bend. It was a tight fit.

Check out my website for some underhood photos.
Thanks for the reply. I have seen your website before. As a matter of fact it is the bulk of the info I found when I researched the Paxton. The newer kits from Paradise Wheels and Craig Conley are using a different supercharger intake. It didn't have a canister just the rubber hose. The hose is pushed in about an inch in the middle of the bend on the valve cover side. I'm thinking of getting a piece of stainless pipe bent and shaped to fit into this area. Thanks for the reply,

Are you using the duel quad with the super charger? You must have a very radical ride /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
No dual quad. Although I might play with something like that in the future.
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