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pedestal mount rockers

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A while back I built a 351C with stock rockers and the crane drop-in roller fulcrum conversion....

Since the rockers were stamped steel, I'm sure they flexed under the aftermarket valvesprings I used.

Crane makes "Energizer" 1.7 pedestal rockers for 5.0's

Does anyone here have any experience or ideas why these wouldn't work on a Cleveland's pedestals? The ratio difference of .03 (1.73 vs 1.70) shouldn't make much difference.

I know cleveland specific pedestal aluminum roller rockers exist but theyre more expensive.

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351C uses 7/16 bolt, whereas the 5.0 uses a 5/16....

I run the Crane pushrod conversion on my heads with Energizer roller rockers, and have no complaints. Easy to install, just had to grind the pedistals a bit to get them to fit. Other than that the work just fine.

Most "C" roller rockers are 1.7 anyhow, because they are big block Chevy rockers, and that thats the BBC ratio. No difference that I could tell.
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