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Pensacola show is/was awesome

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I went to the show today and met a few VMFers. Midlife, Dickson, Laurie, Bishir, and a couple of others whose names escape me at this time.

I have been to several shows but this was the first where I've met fellow VMFers. That was a great experience and putting faces with the names was a real treat.

To all my new friends, I am glad to have met ya! Hope to get up with ya again sometime.

UCLA (Upper Corner, Lower Alabama)
Thank God it doesn't snow this far south!
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I have met Midlife and Laurie..nice people..I love meeting forum members..I have met lots of them, it's always like meeting up with old friends

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It was great meeting you too Don. I'm glad to see that your wife let you go to the show too :)

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