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In response to your post I will reiterate what several others have posted. For me first& foremost safety upgrades 1st brakes as the brakes on the 4 lug mustangs & small tires suck even if every componet is new drove a 66 200 3 speed for a few years still have it & i have a 67 vert now 200 auto stock brakes on both were terrible. Upgraded the 67 to power disc 4 lugs still on car. On the 67 installed a msd 6 al ign. system ,dist. to fire the ign & a 2300 holley sniper efi system. At this time have not did anything else to the stock eng.Does it run like a v8 no but the difference between before & now is like day & night personally I think these 2 items are one of the best mods for a stock 200 . Cheap no but no major eng work or tuneing to get everything to work together. Should you choose the holley route save your self a lot of trouble buy the kit & a tank with a efi pump in it . Just know this when you start one thing leads to another to another. Pick your projects & enjoy the car for what it is something that a lot of old & young people wish they had one like.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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