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If I were to build a factory 200ci factory I6, there are really only 2 things I would do to it:

1. Swap in a T5 manual 5 speed transmission, this mod alone makes the engine feel a lot peppier according to everyone who has done it.
2. Turbocharge it. You can get pretty easily get more than 250HP out of the engine that way...there are of course quite a few supporting mods that go with turbocharging, but you can retain the carb in a blow-through just have to modify the carb for boost("Maximum Boost" by Corky Bell is a great read for turbocharging anything and even has a chapter that deals with carbs and modifying them for boost)

That being said.....I wouldn't bother. If I wanted a performance I6, I would swap in a BA/BF Falcon I6 from an Australian late model falcon...those are distantly related to the original I6 motors but far more could swap in a BF motor for less than it would cost to turbocharge the original I6(if you go with the 250HP NA version and not the 350HP+ XR6 version).

The most sensible and cheapest way to get more power though is of course the SBF v8 swap....its a well-known path that you will be able to find plenty of support for.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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