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Having built a 347 stroker V8 as well as a 200 L6 both in 65's, you'll get 10x the attention at a show with a souped up 6. EVERYONE swaps and it's boring after a bit. My advice, get a basic rebuild of short block, balanced and blueprinted and shoot for 10:1 compression. Classic Inline makes a sweet aluminum head to look into or, if you want to keep a "stock" look, get a 250 head from latest model you can find, take it to a good shop and shave it down, polish the bowl and what they can get to behind the valves, bigger valves with multi angle job and have them braze in the 2V adapter and put a holley 2V on it. Get a good cam (i went solid lifter b/c SOOOOO easy to get to) and add the headers and you'll have a snappy car. 5 speed will free up a lotta HP, too. I went with a triple weber synced carb setup. Looks awesome but steep learning curve.
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