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Performance manifold / carb and windage tray

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I'm putting the finishing touches on my 302 before dropping it back in and was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on a good performance manifold and carb combination. I just had the heads rebuilt and the block bored, flat top pistons and a slightly beefed up cam. I don't need a race car just a quick daily driver. Also does the BOSS 302 windage tray increase HP much?
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If you just want a "Plug and play" type thing. Go with the Edelbrock 1406 carb and Performer manifold.
I thought a windage tray was to keep the oil pumping instead of being blown around the crank case. I'm not an expert by any means though.

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That's the way I understand it too, but I've read in a book I bought (How To rebuild Small Block Fords) the windage tray gives you alot of bang for the buck to increase horsepower.
My suggestion for an otherwise stock engine would be an autolite 4100 on a weiand stealth or action plus manifold.

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How about a 4100 Autolite on an Edelbrock performer?

Yeah, the windage tray is a good investment, especially with a stock pan...I put one of those on my stock D-coder right after I bought the car (had to fix some oil pan leaks anyway)....

I've never run a racing engine without one...more for oiling reliablity than HP increases, although, at high rpm, you could see a 5 hp increase ....

Since the motor is still on a stand the windage tray sounds like a good investment for around $75-$80. Thanx
I understand the benefits for high performance. I thought or read about additional HP gain from a windage tray is realized above 5500 RPM. Please clarify.

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Take a look at a article on building up a SBF and its various systems...

Good read...

For most street guys, windage isn't a big deal unless you're into high speed, high performance driving....I put the Boss 302 tray on my D-coder because I had it laying around and knew I wouldn't be using it on the race car again (had to much modify one to fit the W)...

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