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Performer vs Performer RPM for 302

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I just read a post for daveoxide and it got me thinking. The one who responded said that he liked the Performer over the RPM on the street. Has anyone tried the same, using both manifolds on the same engine with everything else being the same on a 302?

I hope to be assembling my 302 soon, I'm using GT40P heads, Performer cam and a 1406 carb. I allready have the Performer manifold, but was thinking of going to the RPM because the GT40P heads breath decent and at a later time, If I deciced to go with more cam, the manifold would allreay be there.

BTW, doesn't this new forum kick @ss? I think it's more successfull than Bob ever thought it would be. Close the old one down now since there seems to be nothing but a lot of trash going on overthere.

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I just took the performer intake and equivalent cam (although the cam wasn't an Edlebrock ... it was very similar) and put on the Performer RPM cam and intake. Since this moves the power band up about 1000 RPMs, there's a definate difference off the line, but then another definate difference just past 1500 RPMs.

In other words, the Perfomer stuff was very quick from off idle, where the RPM doesn't really kick in until 1500 RMPs. At a track launching at 1500 would be no problem, but it attracks a bit too much attention at a stop light on the streets *LOL*.

There it is in a nutshell ... now the choice is just based on what you want, and where do you want the power.

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