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Performer vs Performer RPM?????????

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ok, heres the deal... I want to install a new intake, 500cfm carb, cam, and timing chain on my stock 289 engine, so...
1-is this a good set of upgrades to give my engine a lift? or should i get a bigger carb(however, its for a daily driver and i want good mileage) i would appreciate any suggestions for better upgrades

2-would it be best to get the performer package or the performer rpm package? which would be best for stock heads yet still adequate for aftermarket heads in the future? im just worried that the performer parts will be too close to stock performance-wise. so, i just want to know what would be best for my daily driver 289. thanks

ps-i will be adding tri-y headers and dual exhaust
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I'd say Performer. The Performer RPM intake will not work well with a stock cam on a 289. A matching cam will not work well with stock heads.

The Peformer intake, a 1406 carb and a Performer cam will really wake it up. I'm asumming you already have headers and/or at least dual exhaust.
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