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Period correct Tach?

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Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but is there a certain tach I should look for to go on my Mustang? I'm trying to keep the a car as "period correct" as possible, and I wasn't around in 65 to know what some of you guys were installing in the aftermarket world :) Unless somebody has a Rally-Pac layin' around for $150 :) :)


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One of the big items during my high school years was a S&W chrome tach mounted on the dash board. To be honest, I wouldn't trust a very expensive assembled high performance motor to a tach 30+ years old. I know in project X-tremestang, I am using one of the AutoMeter 5 inch tachs on my dash, complete with shift light. If you are going for "the look", you might be better off in the long run getting a rally pack (don't they reproduce them now?)......


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Tachs were available from ford at the time these cars were new. There was a tach that
came in a "rotunda" (I love that name) box. The same unit was also available in auto parts
stores. The 66 shelby came with a shelby logo version of the same thing. I believe it was
made by a company called Faria?? Scott Drake sells a repro face for this tach. You could get
a modern dash mount unit. Take it apart. Stick the repro face on it.

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