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Recieved this e-mail from [email protected]
Thank's Scott.
Let me give you some insight to the possible problem. Unfortunetly, I
cannot post to the form.
I am a drivehsaft engineer and have been working on driveshafts for about
10 years. There are a couple of thing that could cause this.
1) The reason why the balance problem exisits with the shaft in one
position vs the other is because you are also matching the unbalance of the
axle. In production we mark the low side of unbalance on the shaft so it
can be matched to the high side on the axle during assembly. his reduces
the overall unbalance of the two.
2) the other reason could be the position of the bearing cups when you
tighten the u-bolt. .001"-.002" looseness,can cause the shaft to move back
and forth. This does not should like much. Put let me try to explain. A
typical driveshaft is balance to about 0.25 - 0.38 oz inches.
Example .002" loosenes
Unbalance is measured in oz- inches. Therefore, if your shaft weights 15
lbs (240 Oz) and it shifts .002" from it original position during balance,
you now could have increased the unbalance 240 x .002=0.48 oz in . This is
a considerable amount at 3000-4000 rpm.
Please fell free to post this to VMF."
Scott Fairchild
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