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Pics of 69" 351w manual steering pulley setup & Northern Rads

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I've played around for a couple of years now with my power steering and have finally had enough. I've adjusted and replaced the valve, replaced the ram, adjusted and replaced the steering box and replaced the pump: it still has too much slack. So I've decided to ditch the p/s system and go to manual steering. An easy way to pick up some cheap hp on the 393w. I need some pics of what the pulley setup looks like on a early 351w with manual steering. It looks like I may have to change my harmonic balancer pulley too, I thought I could just leave the one groove empty but the man. steering pulley may have a different angle to it. I want to go to rack and pinion but it just isn't in the budget right now. Just finished the stroker motor and have since bought a truck so pretty much am broke.

On another note I just ordered a Northern Aluminum Rad from my local parts store they were a little more than the US outfits like summit and speedway motors but I figure at least I don't have to deal with the shipping and duty. I ordered the 19 x 26 as I wanted to go with as big as I could to cool the 393. It just doesn't want to cool, I've put in a 160 thermostat, fan clutch in conjunction with an electrical fan, water wetter and nothing seems to do it. Hopefully this helps a lot. What have you guys done for mounting these rads? I'm guessing I'll have to make some sort of shroud as well....

Lastly, any of you that are using Mallory VI-AL boxes what are you experiences with them? I've installed mine along with a breakerless conversion kit and whenever the car is hot it doesn't start for a damn. There is no power going to the coil. A Fellow VMF'er said that they can be known for doing that when they are hot. What are you experiences with these units and how did you fix them?

Okay I guess that is enough for one post
Thanks in advance for your help
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I thought I could just leave the one groove empty but the man. steering pulley may have a different angle to it.
I'm very confused. What's a man. steering pully? Manual steering needs no pully.

To answer the rest of the question, though, the '69 pulleys for a 351w look just like the ones for a 289/302. The crank pully will be a 3 bolt. The crank pully went to 4 bolts in '70 and because of the water pump inlet moving to the driver's side, pretty much all of the brackets and pullies changed. All the brackets are different shapes and the pullies changed depth because of the dampner change.
Dunno about the pulley, but to answer your other Q - I have a Mallory VI-AL in Lolita, and have no problems at all. I mounted the box as close to the front of the car as possible for best cooling -
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