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Pics of black '65/'66 coupes

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Anybody got a picture of the above? I can't believe how few of them I can find on here, in reference books, on-line, etc. I would have thought black was a more popular colour, but it doesn't appear that way.
Anyway, I'm thinking about repainting mine black, and being very "visual", I'd really like to get a better idea of what it would look like!

Here's how she looks now (in a few different versions for reference sake). Any opinions on black for this car?

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You know there is gonna be some jerk here post a pic of a black fastback instead of a coupe, so I guess I'll be him.

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OK, thanks Jerk! Ha!
Yeah, nice car, but not exactly what I'm looking for.
Where were you searching for pictures? ;)
What is the original color on your car. If what you have is original I wouldn't change a thing. That is one nice ride, real clean and neat and I love the vinyl top.
I agree with tooponies, that is one sharp mustang. I like the Keystone Klassics too. My 65 GT i'm doing is originally black so that is what I plan to put it back unless I talk myself out of it. I haven't owned a black car since 1970. Black with red pony is original for it and I was thinking of adding a set of those Keystones. What ever you do i'm sure it will look fine.
Check out StreetorTracks website and look at Shaun's car. Very nice.
I know you want pictures of coupes, but if you are going black, consider a satin finish rather than the gloss. Just a suggestion, I think it looks great (but I'm kinda biased :))

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I like a black coupe just as much as anyone else, but Man your car looks fantastic the way it is with those Keystones. I would keep it like that.

I know my coupe looks black in the avatar, but its actually Caspian Blue. Otherwise I would put up a pic of it.
I like this one


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Here is my work in progress that will be ready for the spring.


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Wow - quite a response! Thanks, guys.
"Dude" - thanks for all of those. I did see a couple of them on my internet cruise, but was surprised that was all I found. My usual computer/internet proficiency has been exposed yet again...
Thanks for the compliments, too. It is a great looking car, but although the older re-paint still looks nice overall, it's starting to crack in a few small spots, so I'm just hashing some colour thoughts around in my head for a future re-finishing. It was originally Rangoon Red (a bright red), but repainted Royal Maroon (actually a '68 colour) in the '90s, which I think looks a lot classier with the black trim and vinyl top.
However, I've always been a big fan of Art Cairo's car, the black pre-production model custom made for Henry Ford II, with leather interior, real teak inlays on the dash, etc., and thought my car would look nice that way:
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I have a few pics of my black/palomino coupe in my userCP album, check it out! (I don't know how to attach pics to the post)
I'm not sure how it would look black with the (probably different black) top, unless you're going to remove that and have the one look finish.
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