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Pics, what else!

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Hmmmm, I see I've been promoted to Tire Kicker. Took the advice of 66CoupeNW, revisited Photopoint, copied the link text to the photo, so now lets see if there is any happiness. By GAWD, I just did a preview and the pic is there. That roaring noise you just heard is my way of celebrating. Hope no ones ears were damaged! By the way, the pic was taken by a friend in March 2000, the first outing for the Hi-Po on its way to "The Grove", an old 1800's town north of Belton Texas. Ahhhh, life is good!

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Way to go Charlie! Now you have to help me. BTW, I resent being referred to as a newbie. :)

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That's a great on the move pic. Have to do that when mine
gets back on the road.

Congrats on the pic posting. Perseverance rewarded by

65 FB "J" 302 lots of mods. 94 GT K&N only.
I believe I recognize that 65 gem. Joe and I are aquaintances although he may not know it at this point. Joe I'm a little worried about this forum.

Should I mention my 67? Would I be banned?
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You have me at a disadvantage. Your bio and car seem
familiar. I think you are probably in my area, but can't quite
make the connection yet. I'm wondering if the 67 you mention
is a brand X. As you know, when driving vintage Mustangs,
you meet alot of people.

65 FB "J" 302 lots of mods. 94 GT K&N only.
Nice shot of the Hi-Po Charlie. I can only hope to one day reach the status of "tire-kicker". I was closing in on 1,000 posts on the old site. Guess I got to start from scratch now....sigh.
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Nice Car!
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