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Picture hosting sites to replace Photopoint

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I am testing different sites over the next hour and will post the links here if they are found to be viable with the forum software...

Small site but easy to sign up for and use...

Not a currently viable site but an interesting story nonetheless...another small free site bites the dust and why...

If any of you can get some pix uploaded on Homestead, let me's been a frustrating experience...*G* Once figured out, it might be viable....I think they lean towards the Wintel world...

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Tried that site don't seem to work for me.
Any ideas where else we can use?

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I uploaded a sample file from my hard drive (my sig thumbnail) using both IE 5.0 and iCab and the pix loaded on the site and displayed (with the copied and pasted text from the site) in roughly 5 minutes including signup...much faster and easier to use than Photopoint...

Explain your difficulties and platform please...

One thing I noticed when trying new hosts. You have to give them about 24 hours atleast before calling them a safe host for direct linking. Most work initially and then begine blocking the next day. Strange but true.

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Geocities does not support picture hosting anymore either.

Has anyone tried


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I take it that you've had the same problems as Drew with this site...

I don't see anything in the TOS that would lead the site owner to block our fact he mentions linking to message boards as one of the uses of the site....

Please clarify....

Hi, I'm using John

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Thanks John, I'm testing it now....

Are you on a Wintel box.??

Pat, I just went ther signed up for the free upload of pictures and been loading ever since I have some kind of album there but never really messed with it. John

Opal frost pearl metallic 67 coupe
also have a 95 opal frost pearl G/T BOSS edition convertible belongs to swmbo
Well I see your profile pic is not working so I'm guessing. I think this will be a lost cause when a little project that I know about (currently in the works) is rolled out... that's all I'm sayin'

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2000 Mustang GT
Wow, secrecy and all....gee whiz...*G*

My mistake for not completely saving my pix to a gallery...the system purged them after I exited the site...

FWIW, I have an ISP and host my business site there...I'm doing this as a public service (the same as I do for everything else on the VMF) for folks who don't have a place to store their pix...

My customers pay me quite handsomely for my efforts which allows me to do it here for free...

Since there is a as yet unnamed solution to all this, I'll spend my time on more productive things...

I just tried something different with Photopoint and this seems to work.

1) Save your pic to an album.
2) Open the album and click on the thumbnail of the pic you want to use. This will bring up the larger version.
3) Right-click on the large version of the pic and select "Open Link In New Window"
4) Copy the URL from the address line in your should contain something like "Sequence=0&res=high" at the end
5) Paste this link in your sig with the "/image....jpg" etc.

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Thanks Matt...looks like you figured out a workaround!

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I myself am using As long as you keep your total storage at or under 3MB (about 50-60 pics) it's free.

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