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Pictures posted and opinions wanted

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I've posted pictures of my 1965 K code GT here.
The car is going in for body work and paint around the end of September but I'm having trouble deciding on the final color.
This is where you come in. I've got three ideas... 1. Back to factory appearance. Stock hood & original Wimb White 2. Just like it is in the photos w/o hoodpins but there seems to be quite a movement against the "cloneish" wht w/blue stripes
the "everyones doing it" thing. However I dont see many stangs around here either so it would be unique for this area. 3. To escape the ridicule of my piers I thought the inverse of this would look cool. Maybe Caspian Blue w/Wht GT and LeMans stripes, GT350 hood and no hoodpins..
So what do you think?
Help me to stop being so wishy-washy

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My vote goes for Wimbledon White or Caspian Blue with GT look, but no Shelby stripes. I agree that the Shelby look is being done to death. I'd suggest Silver Blue because of the blue/white interior, but that's become too common lately. I also like Brittany Blue, come to think of it. Of course, you can see from my sig photo that I'm partial to blue anyway! /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif
Just get rid of the stripes..
I think you need to keeo the hood pins. TRUST ME. You don't want that hood flying off.... and if its fiberglass, I wouldn't trust just the factory hood latch. End of Story.
What the heck I'll jump in as well. I favor blue myself having had 3 Nightmist blue cars over the years. If you want to stick with a 65 color your Caspian choice is a good one. Nightmist Blue for 66/67 is my personal favorite, and seems to have a more purple apperance to me in certian lighting angles. But then my color vision is not normal. As far as stripes are concerend, do it, if it's the look your looking for. Your the only one who has to be satisfied with the end result.
Personally, I'd go with the late model "Bright White", with stock-type blue GT rocker stripes. The wimbledon white guys just freak when my "bright white" car gets parked beside them - I've actually had people move because their creamy white looks nasty next to a bright white.../forums/images/icons/wink.gif Since your car is a K-GT, I wouldn't stray too far from a "stock-type" look. Lemans stripes also look too busy with the GT foglamps IMHO...

I want to know who's leading the movement against the "cloneish" wht w/blue stripes - I'd like to have a word with them! /forums/images/icons/mad.gif /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif

One last thought - it's YOUR CAR! Unless you're planning on a quick resale, build it the way you want, and to heck with anyone else's opinion! (Within reason, it IS a K-GT, after all /forums/images/icons/wink.gif)
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Go GT, or go GT350...but not a mix of the two (like it is in it's current status).
I say leave the hood pins and'll be cheaper to do so.
Just my .$02
Caspian with white stripes would be bitchin'! That is an awesome contrast that will really pop in my opinion. Whatever you choose will look cool however. Good luck!
as far as the shelby reverse color scheme goes...only a commie
pinko pencil neck would do that.
I think any Wimbledon white Mustang is beatiful. And if it is an original GT K-code i would never do anything too far from stock. That is more rare and seldom seen than a GT350 clone. (I wouldnt mind a clone myself but there are cars more suitable for cloning than a GT K-code)
Yea! Who's in charge of this anti-movement anyway? /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif
I like the white - very eye catching and white will hide body flaws the best (if any). The stripes are cool but I'd lose them anyway.
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