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OK, I spent half the day driving to the parents house to drop off one of their grandkids for a three day visit. I'm doing the usual daydreaming about what I'm going to do next on the '66 GTFB, how beautiful it is going to be painted candy apple red, white GT stripe, black interior, torque thrust D's, all new chrome and where I'm going to cough up the $8K needed to complete the job. About that time I look in my rear view mirror and a semi is blasting up behind me, (OK, I'm in the mini van with the kids) and something bright red catches my eye on his trailer. I kind of speed up so he doesn't blast past me too fast. He had to be doing 85mph. What do I see? Yep, in the middle of about 6 cars on the trailer is a '65 or'66 FBGT, Candy Apple Red, black interior and a white GT stripe. So I yell out for the kids to slap me, I'm dreaming. But I'm not! Damned if it isn't my car right next to me! Only difference is the rims and tires. This one had the SS wheels and red line tires. And it looked absolutly brand new. All I can say is what an experience. At the same time I'm daydreaming about my finished classic, one pulls up next to me. At least now I know what mine will look like. BTW, this was about 35 miles outside of Charleston, SC on I-26, if anyone here is having one transported.
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