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Which ring type (chrome, cast, or moly) is the best to use when I rebuild my engine? Does anyone know the difference between them?

These options have me confused. I could use some help, thanks.

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If your engine is a budget stock rebuild, run plain cast iron rings...they work fine...

If this is a performance inliner, run a plasma moly top ring and plain iron second ring with a light to moderate tension oil ring.

The important thing is that the shop which does the machine work hones the block correctly (surface deformation pattern) for the type of ring you're using. Generally, a finer finish is used with moly rings and a bit coarser one for cast iron rings. I avoid chrome rings because of past experiences and stories of inconsistent seating.

With a correct hone and ring package, your engine should seal up well anywhere from one hour of use (like the ring package I use in the race car engine) to a few hundred miles (cast iron rings)...

A compentent machine shop can advise you further...good luck!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts