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Pitman arm and gearbox issue

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I have a 1967 mustang v8 manual steering car. My dad bought it new in 1966 so it is an early model. I needed to replace my steering components since they were pretty worn out.

I bought a Lares 18702 which has a 1" sector shaft which is what my car had from the factory as my tag was smb-a. I bought a 1 inch sector shaft pitman arm using part number c7za-3590-a which according to stangersite that should be my part number.

Now my issue is that I cannot get the pitman arm to go over the sector shaft by more than maybe 20%. Did I miss something in my parts ordering? Has anyone else ran into something like this?

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My thought is since it’s an aftermarket box, there could be bad machining of the threads on the shaft or a mis-boxed nut that could cause issue with tightening.
Yes indeed. These things are possible on anything made by a human, any machine programed/controlled/operated by a human. Stuff happens for sure.
I think we are at 50+ of the same boxes sold we get out of China. Same issue-Nuts are too thick, pitman fit great (has to have the torque) to press the pitman down on the new splines.
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