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Anyone change the pitman arm on 69-70 front end? My steering wheel seems to giggle back and forth about 2 inches either way when driving.
I think I've tracked it to the Pitman arm or the nut that connects it to the steering box.
Any suggestions and where can I get a pitman arm.

Mike V

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Got power or manual. Pitman arms usually do not wear out. not much to them. If you have PS it is most likely the control valve. pitman arm attaches to it. If it is MS it is the gear box. too much wear.
If either nut is loose ( pitman arm to gear or Pitman arm to center link) it could have wore the Splines in the gear or the taper on the center link. Might want to check those also.

BTW .. There is a Manual pitman arm on http:// / /ws/ ? &item=1848181306
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