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how do i get the other end of the pitman arm off of the ball,i want to leave the ball in the steering joint and take the pitman arm off of it,and the steering box,then i want to put a new arm on and just slipe the new on on over the balls threads and bolt it on,how is the best way to go about doing this ?thanks -Pete

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Try finding a tie rod puller from Autozone or some parts place which lends tools for free. Don't use the pickle fork kind, it'll destroy your dust boot in a second but I've notice the Motormite HELP! parts have replacement dust seals for tie rods. The tie rod puller I'm thinking of has two arms attached to a pivot which has a threaded rod through it. The arms have a ledge on the end which you jam under the Pitman arm end (or tie rod) and the threaded rod has a cup on the end which pushes against the steering rod ball joint shaft. As you tighten the tool, the threaded shaft pushes the steering rod ball joint out of the Pitman arm.

Hope that works!

Dean T
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