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The first thing I see on my 70 mach when I open the hood is where the PO took a blow torch to the hole in the top of the radiator saddle to make it bigger for the twist lock to fit down into (he took a sawzall to the other one). The little adjustable bracket is ok that the twist lock actually hooks to, it's just the holes underneath, and to me they're very obvious.

What would be the best way to fix this to look factory origional again? My thought is to get some same gauge metal and weld it in. Then cut out/shape new holes to factory specs. Bondo welds, and paint.

What qauge metal would that be?
Where can I get template/dimensions for actual size of the holes? I have some of the origional hole remaining in each case so I have some thing to work from.
And the BIG question I have to address: Why did he have to do this in the first place??

Other thoughts??

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