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PO Rant and Anti-Swaybar Stripe Questions

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My hands are burning and I no longer leave any fingerprints from playing with paint stripper. The PO of my Mach, or should I say two PO's since the last PO never touched the car and left it sitting in the pole bar for 12 years, had the great idea to paint all suspension and chassis parts black. Not only that but he did a great job of painting them black. Sandblast, hard as hell primer, and a couple coats of black. I should have bought stock in 3M for all the stripper I have purchased.
Here is my question. I am pretty sure the Anti-Sway bars are natural but what would be the correct color identification stripes for the Front (15/16) and the rear (1/2). What type of paint do you use, and what is the spacing, location and width of the stripes.

Mark Memmer
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Noramlly we expect to see front sway bars painted semi-gloss black and judges using MCA rules or judging at MCA shows will deduct if it isn't

According to Ford books the front sway bar recieved two stripes located in the general area of the center. Each approx 3/4"-1 1/4" in width. Yellow(passenger side) and green (drivers side)

I show no marking son the rear sway bar. We do have a single example of another 70 equipped with rear sway bars with no marks but with the end link bolts being painted blue.

Jeff Speegle
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