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points to duraspark

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Just realized someone may find themselves needing to convert a point type distributor's guts to duraspark....I've done it (had a 5.0 that I wanted to try points for troubleshooting in)

I basically swapped everything except the distributor body, shaft assembly, and vacuum can (and even it could be swapped)......I OBVIOUSLY HAD TO SWAP THE POINT CAM BY REMOVING THE SNAP RING AND PUT THE DURASPARK EQUIVALENT IN TOO!

Worked as advertized for me....I am confident I could go points to duraspark this way...could be useful on an engine for which there is no duraspark dizzy!
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You can also use a Chrysler ignition module to fire it too. Summit sells a Chrysler high performance module for the street for $37.00. It's a lot smaller then the Duraspark. BTW did you know that the white wire on the Duraspark will make a poor mans ignition retard system? Ford uses it to retard the timing when cranking to make it easier to start.
It work real well with NOS! Wire it to the activation switch to get 4 degrees of retard when you hit the button.

Just be sure to use a good quality module. Some of the cheap ones I have seen don't have the retard circuit inside, even though the wire is still there in the connector.
Yes, this works great. You have to open the hole for the wiring in the body of the distributor. I just altered mine from the round "O" shape on the point body to the "U" shaped hole on the Duraspark body.

One minor problem I have run into in doing this is that some units end up out of phase which causes problems in getting the timing set right. If you look at the distributor before conversion, check to see where the rotor is pointing when the points are on top of the lobe. Usually, it will be exactly lined up with one of the spark plug terminals on the cap. Check it again after conversion with the stator wheel lined up with the pickup. Some times the rotor is missaligned and is not right on a terminal. To correct it, remove the stator wheel and put it back on the shaft without the locator pin. Turn the shaft to line the rotor up with one of the spark plug terminals. Now hold the shaft and turn the stator wheel until it lines up with the pickup. Mark the spot on the stator wheel where the groove for the pin needs to be to line up correctly. I then use a small triangle file to cut a new pin groove in the stator.
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Good points (pun intended!! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif)

Hope this helps those who are considering duraspark!!
Additionally, I have a Duraspark conversion schematic on my website.

Well, here it is.
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