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Poll: Newest to Top?

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This debate is being voted on here.

What you should know about the poll:

This vote is to determine the overall view on the functionality of the forum.

Voting [color:green]Yes</font color=green> is in support of the modern forum approach where reply posts to pre-existing threads bring those threads to the top allowing more insight into the topic by more users. This method also reduces the overall number of redundant threads, example being the current overflow of "Test Ignore" threads. Should no one answer your thread it is common practice to refresh your thread to the top by adding a post to your own thread along the lines of "No one knows?"

Voting [color:red]No</font color=red> is in support of the old board functionality as well as the current setup of this board. Threads are listed in the order they are created. Your thread stays right where you put it. If no one answers you start a new thread, if you don't scan the last 100 or so threads you could be re-asking a recent question or missing replies to your thread.

Voting [color:blue]Too Early to Tell</font color=blue> is perhaps the best vote you could make if you are unsure. Truth is that "Pop to the Top" was only given 2 days while the old method was given 2 years. I'm sure Bob will take this into consideration if a considerable amount of voters are unsure.

If you don't care, then why did you read this?

And finally I don't know why the last item is even clickable.

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Hey Jay, I applaud your effort, but I don't think Bob is going to be bringing this back anytime soon. In fact he said he is just going to leave it alone for now. I know it wasn't givin a fair chance but that's just the way it is I guess. I'd like to see it come back in the future. Perhaps when people become more accustom to the new format.

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